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My Story

The Quilt Shop by Lois’ mission is to provide an environment where quilters, and other creative souls, can find inspiration, learn new or improve upon old techniques and skills and just enjoy time with other quilters.

A bit over eight years ago, I started the shop as a new adventure in my life; and an adventure it has been. After nearly twenty years at the Quilt Shop in Danbury Ginny Murphy retired and I set out to carve my own path. I have missed having my friend and mentor along for the ride, but it has been one of the most satisfying times of my life. The shop focuses on teaching others our art and providing the tools and knowledge to pursue our interests. It supports these activities with a store that sells fabrics, notions and providing classes.   Trying to utilize my love of sewing and quilting to found a business has been a challenge and it remains a challenge each and every day, but it is a challenge that I have relished. The rewards have made it all worthwhile. I have made new and lasting friendships and have been honored to introduce many women to the quilting craft; some of whom had never before sewn a stitch in their lives.

I hope that you will come by to see me; to see my second home; a home that I want to share with the world. I look forward to it!